Letters: Against all odds, Lakers put up a valiant effort

All odds against them, injuries, Westbrook, 2-10 start, first-year coach and yet they made it to the conference finals. There is much to be said about the Lakers, much to be admired. There is also a lesson, don’t ever quit, play as a team, and good things can happen. Congratulations to the Lakers for an inspiring season.

Allan Kretchman
Woodland Hills


I’m glad I was in Colorado visiting family when the Nuggets won their last two games. The Denver paper highlighted all the Nugget players and their contributions to the wins and eventual sweep. Yes, LeBron is a great player but he is all I read about in The Times in this series. I wanted to read about Austin Reaves and others who kept the Lakers close. Now all we read about LeBron’s possible retirement. Maybe you could print a little about the rest of the Laker players. After all, those are the ones who kept them in the hunt for a playoff berth while LeBron was nursing his sore foot!

Judy Thomsen


I’m glad LeBron played all but four seconds Monday night. If he had sat out a few minutes he might have had the energy required to finish strong.

Dave Thoma


Somebody needs to tell Bill Plaschke that a sweep is a sweep and that there are no “consolation” trophies in basketball. Save the ‘atta boys for another column, Bill.

Robert L Shirley


Not one of The Times sportswriters was brave enough to point out that LeBron ran out of gas in the second half. His future playing days will be the same, so Lakers fans, get ready for senior nights at Crypto.

G.T. Oka


Bill Plaschke’s sentiment that the Lakers still can hold their heads high generally rings true. I felt the same way when the Lakers were swept by Moses Malone, Dr. J and the 76ers in 1983.

At that time, the Lakers had unfinished business. Kareem then won titles with the Lakers in ‘85, ‘87 and ‘88 at ages 38, 40 and 41. As a student of basketball history, LeBron should be motivated to accomplish what Kareem accomplished — another title when virtually all of his contemporaries are long retired.

Ken Feldman


LeBron James has a measly 97 million reasons to continue to play with the Lakers.

David Marshall
Santa Monica


What could have been: In the 2016 NBA draft the Lakers selected Brandon Ingram second and the Celtics selected Jaylen Brown third. In the 2017 draft the Lakers selected Lonzo Ball second and the Celtics selected Jayson Tatum third. Could LeBron have been paired with these two players and dominated for years?

Bernie Kovach
Harbor City


Of the many reasons pointing to LeBron James retiring from the Lakers, I believe the example set by Jim Brown will be the deciding factor. James has stated that when he was growing up in northeast Ohio, Jim Brown was a god. Brown retired at the top of his game, never enduring declining skills and his probable poor play in later seasons. Brown’s recent death could have reminded LeBron to preserve his own legacy.

Jim Regan


The hard reality of sports is that sometimes their team is better than your team. The Lakers generally played hard and played well, but the Nuggets were clearly the better team. So, kudos to the Lakers, and good luck to the Nuggets. It will be so much less embarrassing to have been swept by the eventual champions.

Roger Kraemer