Letters: L.A. Times playing blame game infuriates Lakers fans

Anyone who understands basketball, which apparently excludes Times columnist Bill Plaschke, knows that Anthony Davis played a fine Game 2 by anchoring the defense that controlled the Nuggets for all but the latter portion of the fourth quarter.

Anthony had 14 rebounds, 4 blocked shots, made nine of 11 free throws, and scored 18 points. Anthony wasn’t responsible for the Nugget’s fourth quarter three-pointers, LeBron James’ poor judgment to take and miss three three-pointers in the fourth quarter or James’ three missed layups.

No one scores 40 points every game. Anthony contributed in many ways in what should have been a Lakers’ victory. That Plaschke doesn’t understand this is reason enough to reassign him to the Calendar section.

Ray McKown


LeBron James is a great basketball player and a smart one as well. But he is allowing his ego to cloud his judgment by continually launching three-pointers that he can’t seem to make, instead of deferring to those who can like Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura.

Dennis Duling
San Gabriel


An easy solution to LeBron’s 25% three-point shooting: Have him shoot MORE of them; maybe 40. He’ll make 10 and score 30 points.

Gary B. Ross
Beverly Hills


Fresh off winning accolades for his great pieces on local legend Charles White and the disgrace at Mater Dei, I’m thinking, “Maybe I don’t give Bill Plaschke enough credit.” Then he goes full Plaschke and blames the Lakers’ Game 1 loss on LeBron missing a last-minute shot. Was it a great look? Of course not. Has the all-time leading scorer made worse shots? Of course. We mere mortals should just be thankful for what we get to witness, not think we get a vote on shot selection for kings.

Jeff Heister


Ouch, it really hurts to be a Laker fan. Not everyone can afford all the premium channels and for the conference finals not to be broadcast on local TV is disrespectful to die-hard fans.

Marcia Schwartz
Simi Valley