Every pick in order for Rounds 1 and 2

The 2023 NBA Draft order is set, and teams are gearing up for who they’ll select or perhaps even trade come draft night on Thursday.

Perhaps unfortunately for Cleveland Cavaliers fans, the Cavs won’t have a selection in the lottery or even the first round following a 2022 trade that sent their 2023 first rounder to the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Caris LeVert, Ricky Rubio and a second-round pick (Andrew Nembhard) — though it’s hard to argue against this trade provided the Cavs’ draft position at this slot wound up being No. 26 overall.

As such, the draft festivities might be a bit uneventful barring a trade from Cavs brass to vault up the draft order, which Sam Vecenie of The Athletic reported isn’t off the table.

Until such time as the Cavs make a trade, they’ll have to wait until pick No. 49 of the second round (acquired via the Golden State Warriors) to add to a roster that won 51 games a season ago and made the playoffs for the first time since the LeBron James era.

Here’s the full 2023 NBA draft order at time of writing:

2023 NBA Draft first round order

2023 NBA Draft second round order

  • 31. Detroit Pistons

  • 32. Indiana Pacers (from Houston Rockets)

  • 33. San Antonio Spurs

  • 34. Charlotte Hornets (from Charlotte Hornets via Philadelphia and Atlanta)

  • 35. Boston Celtics (from Portland Trail Blazers via Atlanta, LA Clippers, Detroit and Cleveland)

  • 36. Orlando Magic

  • 37. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Washington Wizards via New Orleans)

  • 38. Sacramento Kings (from Indiana Pacers)

  • 39. Charlotte Hornets (from Utah Jazz via New York)

  • 40. Denver Nuggets (from Dallas Mavericks via Oklahoma City)

  • 41. Charlotte Hornets (from Oklahoma City Thunder via New York and Boston)

  • 42. Washington Wizards (from Chicago Bulls via LA Lakers and Washington)

  • 43. Portland Trail Blazers (from Atlanta Hawks)

  • 44. San Antonio Spurs (from Toronto Raptors)

  • 45. Memphis Grizzlies (from Minnesota Timberwolves)

  • 46. Atlanta Hawks (from New Orleans Pelicans)

  • 47. LA Lakers

  • 48. LA Clippers

  • 49. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS (from Golden State Warriors via Utah and New Orleans)

  • 50. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Miami Heat via Boston, Memphis and Dallas)

  • 51. Brooklyn Nets

  • 52. Phoenix Suns

  • 53. Minnesota Timberwolves (from New York Knicks via Charlotte)

  • 54. Sacramento Kings

  • 55. Indiana Pacers (from Cleveland Cavaliers via Milwaukee and Detroit)

  • 56. Memphis Grizzlies

  • 57. Washington Wizards (from Boston Celtics via Charlotte)

  • 58. Milwaukee Bucks

Note: There are only 58 picks in the draft this year because the Chicago Bulls and Philadelphia 76ers each forfeited a second-round pick due to violating rules governing free agency discussions, according to the NBA.

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