Browns’ alternate helmet less colorful than regular orange one

The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team with no logo on their headgear.

Yep, it’s just solid orange with a white stripe between two skinny brown stripes down the middle.

But here’s some news: For the first time in a season, the Browns will have alternate helmets.

It’s only for three games this season, but maybe, just maybe they will be doing away with those drab, unoriginal helmets for something more exciting.

Like the cartoon image of Brownie the Elf that fans voted to have painted at midfield last season. Or the tough-looking new logo fans chose last month for the Browns’ famed Dawg Pound section.

Or maybe they’ve got some innovative new idea they’re going to use. Can’t you just imagine the possibilities?

Wait, hold on.

The Browns revealed their alternate helmets Tuesday.

They’re all white.

Well, not all white. They’ve got an orange stripe between two skinny brown stripes down the middle.

It’s part of a white-dominated look inspired by the Browns’ original uniforms from 1946 that will be sported by the current Cleveland players in Week 2 at the Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 6 at home against the San Francisco 49ers and Week 17 at home against the New York Jets.

The Browns tweeted that the new alternate look is “King approved,” and attached a screenshot of an enthusiastic response from the Instagram feed of Lakers star and Akron, Ohio, native LeBron James.


Well … at least it’s only for three games. After that, it’s back to those sweet, exciting orange helmets.