Letters to Sports: Readers sound off on Times sports changes

I agree with every letter writer. Except the person identified as the sports editor whose name I do not recall ever seeing until a few days ago when it was attached to a gushing introduction to the new and mostly useless section. All in a week when I am notified the price of my subscription is going up! No, it is not, it will be canceled! I am a longtime subscriber — back to Jim Murray and Bill Dwyre. I now refuse to pay more for less.

James Dunlevey


I am joining the myriad subscribers in canceling my subscription in protest against your decision to stop printing baseball scores, standings, schedules, and box scores. It astounds me that a major municipal paper does not even carry their home team’s results. Definitely minor league.

Peter Lefcourt
Los Angeles


While most of the ire from recent letters is about the loss of box scores for the Dodgers, what happens when football starts up, college and pro. We have two teams in each category and lots of local high school teams. Then we have two pro basketball teams. … no coverage of them. This is nothing short of an abandonment by The Times of a large part of the fabric of L.A. It is time for L.A. to abandon The Times. For over 30 years I have subscribed to The Times. Bye, bye.

Steve Heaney
Los Angeles


Signs the apocalypse is upon us:

1. The UCLA defensive coordinator signed for $1 million. 2. An NBA summer league game attracted more viewers than an ESPN MLB game of the week. 3. The New York Times shuttered its Sports page. 4. The L.A. Times Sports section no longer includes box scores, standings or game coverage. 5. Squeaky clean Northwestern is neither squeaky nor clean. 6. Cody Bellnger is hitting over .300.

Dave Sanderson
La Cañada


This past week I was reading your Obituaries section, as I have done each day for years.

I noticed a glaring omission, your Sports Page.

May it Rest In Peace.

Oscar Rosalez
Diamond Bar


I have finally found someone that likes the new Sports section that lacks MLB standings: Arte Moreno.

Art Valenzuela
Santa Ana