Steph reveals which two players he emulated at young age

Steph reveals which two players he emulated at young age originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Nowadays, kids hit their local parks or recreation centers pulling up from well behind the arc like the man who changed the game of basketball: Steph Curry.

But when Curry was their age, who did the Warriors superstar try to emulate his game after?

“The model was Steve Nash and Reggie Miller,” Curry said on the latest “Hot Ones” episode.

Before he could continue, a tear came out of Curry’s left eye.

“You see this tear coming out my left eye? I get real emotional talking about these two legends that were such great influences on my game,” Curry joked as he finished his fiery bite.

When he was able to cool down and catch his breath, Curry continued.

“Reggie, because he was a master at creating space without the ball,” he said. “Find a way to get separation to go out and get a pass and quick release. I never could emulate his form because he does it like this when he shoots. You never teach that. But the movement without the ball. So I try to blend those two guys together.”

Curry recently made an appearance on “Big Boy TV” and was asked which ringless NBA player he would give one of his four rings to.

“It would not be Charles Barkley,” Curry made clear before answering. “I’d pick Steve Nash. And I’d pick Reggie Miller.”

On top of the evident inspiration Curry drew from Miller and Nash, the 35-year-old revealed one more player he and his brother Seth would mimic.

“Alonzo Mourning, he had this like really methodical free throw routine that me and my brother would really emulate,” Curry shared. “And we did it when we were playing AAU. And he had his wristband and he’d do a methodical like, ‘I’m wiping off the sweat,’ and he’d get locked in and he’d do another little bounce, another little bounce, he’d do it again and then he’d shoot a free throw.

“So I don’t know why, but we just loved that iconic free throw routine ’cause it was very big man of him, but we were little guards and it was kind of out of pocket for us. But yeah, Reggie Miller and Steve Nash were my guys. With a little splash of big fella.”

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