Mac Jones on Bill Belichick chewing him out: “It was my fault”

Reporters at a Patriots-Packers joint practice this week noted that New England coach Bill Belichick chewed out quarterback Mac Jones at one point. Jones downplayed the matter but acknowledged he had done something to deserve it.

Jones said Belichick wasn’t happy with the Patriots’ offense not getting the ball into the end zone during two-minute work and ordered Jones to do it over.

“So, we scored on the two-minute drive with a field goal, and then we just wanted to try a situation again,” Jones said. “We just kind of redid the situation, I guess. That was fun, I guess, but it was my fault. I think it was just a miscommunication between all of us. But it was fine. It was a good learning experience. It’s too hard to explain in football terms to the media and stuff, but it was kind of a nuance, because we kind of repeated a situation we just did, you know what I’m saying? So that’s what we need, though, so both teams can get the situation, try and practice it and then do it again to get it right.”

Belichick has often seemed dissatisfied with Jones and hasn’t officially named him the starting quarterback, although Jones is listed ahead of Bailey Zappe as QB1 on the team’s unofficial depth chart.