Readers not pleased with Alex Grinch’s USC defense

It’s very admirable to have loyalty to a friend or colleague, but it should go both ways. If coach Alex Grinch has any loyalty to Lincoln Riley, he should quit immediately or step aside and let a real coach with experience help his friend put together a great defensive squad for the Trojans. Right now there’s no way this team is getting past Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama, etc., etc., etc.

Jesse Guevara
Pico Rivera


The woefully inadequate Trojans defense is unsurprising. Based on his coaching history and the fact the defensive coordinator was retained … again, it should be vividly clear that Lincoln Riley does not know how to build a defense.

Kip Dellinger
Santa Monica


As usual, Bill Plaschke is right on regarding USC’s indefensible defense.

But another problem has surfaced that I fear will cost the Trojans games as well as Caleb Williams’ chances for another Heisman Trophy. I’m talking about how they’ve crippled his game by making him stay “in the pocket” far too long.

Part of Williams’ magic last year was his jaw-dropping ability to scramble. It’s a purely instinctual skill that creates unexpected excitement, turns games around, and helped him win the Heisman.

But that improvisational gift was taken away from him in the season opener. Apparently the new quarterbacks coach is trying to keep him in the pocket, which is like insisting a left-hander learn to write with his right hand.

Jim Hornbeck
Valley Glen