UCLA vs. Washington State: Greatest 5 games in their rivalry

UCLA's Cade McNown is tackled.

UCLA quarterback Cade McNown is hit during a 37-34 loss to Washington State in August 1997.


One yard. One stinkin’ yard. That was all that separated the Bruins from victory in their season opener.

They had the perfect player to get that yard in Skip Hicks, who had already run for a career-high 190 yards and four touchdowns. But Hicks tapped out before that final fourth-down play, telling coaches he was worn out after getting dropped for a one-yard loss on first and goal from the nine.

UCLA eventually reached the one for that final play, putting the ball in the hands of tailback Jermaine Lewis. He was stuffed in the backfield and the Bruins were on their way to an 0-2 start.

They would go on to win their final 10 games, beating Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl, as part of a school-record 20-game winning streak.